Hoe goed is Dale Steyn nou rêrig?

As jy na die video kyk dan kan enige ou wat ‘n bietjie van krieket weet sien Dale Steyn kan onspeelbare balle afstuur. In my opinie is sy beste enkele balle nog ooit:

  • Yorker vir Michael Vaughn (Eng) in 2004
  • Outswinger vir Brad Haddin (Aus) in 2008 in die 3rde toets in Australie
  • Yorker vir Dwayne Bravo (WI) in 2007 (hierbo)

Maar Steyn is beter as dit. Statisties kry hy, op hierdie oomblik, ‘n paaltjie elke 38.2 balle wat hy boul. Dit is die beste syfers in die toetskrieket vir die laaste 100 jaar! Die befaamde (of berugte) spinbouler, Shane Warne, het ‘n paaltjie maar elke 57 balle geneem.

Boesmansriviermond Boeresport

Toutrek by Boesmans boeresport
Toutrek by Boesmans boeresport

Toe ek grootgeword het was die Boeresport een van die beste goed omtrent Desember vakansies by Boesmans. Ek is seker dit was altyd op die 1ste gewees, maar die jaar was dit die 31ste Desember. Die Boeresport word afgeskop deur ‘n marathon tussen Boesmans mond en Kwaaihoek. Daarna is dit naellope en die oggend hoogtepunt: Toutrek. In die middae is dit swem.

Toe ons klein was het ek (en glo my ek was nie atleties nie) aan die marathon, toutrek en die swem deelgeneem. Ek het selfs toutrek en swem-aflos oorwinnings gevuur in my jeug!!

Dit is wat my aanbetref regtig ‘n fantastiese tradisie. Ek aanvaar dat dit begin is deur die boere van Alexandria wat hier kom kamp het met hulle ossewaens (dit is terloops hoe Boesmans self ook begin het). Die boere wou seker maar ‘n bietjie sports hê om die nuwe jaar mee in te lei en watter beter manier as om teen mekaar te kompeteer.

Dit was rêrig lekker om daar te wees die jaar, maar ek is bekommerd dat daar so min mense was. Ek hoop ek is verkeerd, maar ek kry die gevoel dat die Boeresport nie meer so gesond is soos wat dit in die ou dae was nie. Miskien moet ons by Red Apple kyk of ons nie ‘n bydrae kan maak nie; dit is so ‘n kosbare ding.

Gaan loer gerus na die res van my Boesmans Boeresport fotos.

My best round of Golf in ages

Yesterday I had my best 9 holes in more than 10 years. I scored a ringless round of 51 at the Alexandria Golf Club. This was also my 4th game in 10 years so I am very pleased. I hit 3 great approach shots. The best was an 8-iron out of the rough that landed about a foot from the hole. My putting was also good. Now I just have to get my driving and my long irons sorted out. And I need to replace the Pitching Wedge that I broke – in anger – two weeks ago 😦

Before I left SA for the UK in 2000 I played about once a week for years. There where periods were I consistently scored in the low nineties; my best score was a 92.  But we didn’t play to strict rules. For instance, Mulligans were plentiful. So I don’t really count those scores.

Yesterday’s round sure has motivated me but, as is standard with golf, my next round will most probably be a shocker again.

Spare a thought for Charl Langeveldt

Charl Langeveldt is another victim of South Africa’s disastrous sports Transformation policy. Strangely though, Charl Langeveldt is a player “of colour” and as such supposed to benefit from “Transformation”.

As readers may know André Nel was very publicly dropped from South Africa’s cricket tour to India in favour of Charl Langeveldt. The reason for Nel’s axing was purely political: Nel is white. South Africa’s politicians and their nepotistic mates, the sports administrators, are determined to enforce racial quotas in South African sports and they insist on sending a set number of non-white players regardless of merit. Obviously at the expense of white players. This obviously flies in the face of the spirit of Sport and it clearly reminds one of something that occurred in South-Africa until 1994, namely Apartheid.

Rightly there was outrage in South-Africa with everybody taking Nel’s side. I also take Nel’s side, but I really sympathise with Charl Langeveldt. He has been put in a terrible situation by Cricket SA. To his extraordinary credit he has come out very strongly against what has happened. Like he says; he is not a bad player at all – in fact he is very good at ODIs, but he is not as good as Nel. And he doesn’t want to be included in a side because of his colour.

I honestly salute you, Charl Langeveldt. Principled people like you (and Breyten Paulse – who did the same some years ago) aren’t found under every tree. Borrowed from an Afrikaans saying.

UPDATE: Now Monde Zondeki has been selected to replace André Nel/Charl Langeveldt. Lets hope he is as principled as Charl Langeveldt. Any betts?

My bad experience with Bernie Habana & Don MacRobert

I am a huge Blue Bulls fan so a couple of years ago when Bryan Habana joined the Bulls I was delighted; I instantly knew this kid was going to go places. This prompted me to register BryanHabana.com. I tried on several occasions to get Bryan Habana through Bernie (his dad also his agent) involved to no avail. Bernie only saw the negatives and moaned about everything. I never took/made a cent for all my troubles although I explained to Bernie many times that a website with their input could be profitable to them. But Bernie struggled with this concept.

Part of the website was a “Write to Bryan” webpage. We had thousands of awesome letters to Bryan, especially during the Rugby World Cup. I had already started working on a Letters to Bryan Habana book that I wanted to present to him. Again I would have done this at my own cost and I would not have made a cent from all of this. It was just something I thought he would want to see and with his attitude and what he has done for SA I would have been honoured to make the effort.

However yesterday, Don MacRobert, an attorney/lawyer threatened me with legal action!! To be honest I was getting no joy whatsoever from the site anymore. It started feeling more and more like “stank vir dank”. So I have shut down the number 1 search result for Bryan Habana for good. It was something I did with the best intentions, but it has turned sour for me. I don’t blame Bryan at all though; I never had any contact with him personally. But to say that Bernie Habana is my favourite person would be a lie. 🙂

I have subsequently heard from other well-informed sources that Bernie is a notoriously difficult individual. Apparently he insists on attending Blue Bulls team talks and he is the only non team member allowed in because of Bryan’s value to the team. This and other ‘interferences’ have made Bernie unpopular at Loftus. I have also heard Bryan himself sees Bernie as a little bit of an embarrassment, although this source is questionable.

I think Bernie Habana is delusional about his own importance. I think he loves to be The Man instead of realising he is The Meddling Father and Bryan is actually The Man. Also, I think Bernie should take heed of the saying You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I don’t like Bernie Habana. The phrase “pompous ass” comes to mind.

Robbie Hunter jou doring!!

Gister het Robbie Hunter die 1ste Suid-Afrikaner en Afrikaan geword om ‘n skof in die Tour de France te wen. Ek is ‘n groot rugby ondersteuner, maar ek admireer ouens soos Robbie Hunter en Roland Schoeman meer omdat hulle baie meer moet opoffer om hulle sport te kan be-oefen. Hierdie wen sal al die moeilike tye (en Robbie het heelwat gehad) vergete maak.

Maak nie meer saak wat vorentoe met Robbie se loopbaan gebeur nie – hy sal nou altyd kan sO hy het ‘n skof in die grootste fietswedren op aarde gewen. Dis nou as hy nie enige iets snaaks gedrink het nie!

Racist ANC to destroy Springbok legacy

Springbok Rugby
Racist ANC targets the Springbok

It has emerged that the ANC, through its influence, aims to take over Springbok Rugby after this year’s world cup. Rumours are that the Springbok team will be coached by a sub-standard coloured coach (Pieter de Villiers) and will have 10 black/coloured players on the field at all times. Luke Watson is set to be the captain. To put things in perspective there are presently 2 black players (Bryan Habana and Guthro Steenkamp) in the side on merit and Luke Watson (the son of anti-Apartheid activist Cheeky Watson) isn’t even in the top 6 loose-forwards in the country.

I don’t care what your background is or what your political views are, but surely this must raise a red flag to anyone that supports democracy and deplores racism. The rhetoric of these rugby officials is comparable to Hitler in Nazi Germany. I just hope that the senior ANC members see how dangerous these precedents are and stops it. I’m just not sure they know how fundamentally wrong this is. This would be a good way to head for that Banana Republic that Mbeki hates to hear about so much.

The only positive outcome if this disturbing vision would ever realise would be if we saw a breakaway group formed of merit-based (black, white, coloured etc) players/administrators. I’m certain this group would have support from the businesses that matter (Supersport, Vodacom, Fox/Newscorp) and most importantly the viewing/paying public. To my mind this is probably the only thing that can save rugby from a meddling racist government.

Back to the dark days for the Boks

The Springboks were given their 2nd worst drubbing in history today. They were absolutely smashed by a Wallaby side that was murdered by an All-Black side last week.

The Wallabies were good, but the biggest reason for today’s loss was how bad the Springboks were. I was at the 53-3 loss against England and I have to say that today we were as woeful.

To me the main reasons for South-Africa’s demise are as follows.

Jake White: He has dropped the ball (pun intended) this season. His financial needs have overshadowed his commitment to the team.

His team selections have also been very suspect this year. It seems as if being Jake’s mate is more important than being on great from. His personal vendattas against players like Luke Watson and the deceased Ettiene Botha are cases in point.

He also has to take responsibility for the lack of basic skills and defence.

In essence, he is not doing his job anymore. In the workplace if you don’t do your job you get fired. Thus I now think it is time for Jakey to take his big mouth somewhere else.

John Smit: He has a one-dimensional approach – only knows how to bash into people – and he is about the third best hooker in SA after Schalk Brits and Gary Botha.

His basic skills are also notoriously bad. Smit’s knock-ons are not acceptable for a player at this level. How can you expect the rest of the team to have basic skills when you as captain struggle in this department?

As a captain he is the exact opposite of his predecessor, the dreadful CornT Krige. He smiles alot and everybody thinks he is nice. The problem is that no-one respects him. This is evident in the bad discipline that has crept up again. On field discipline is a captain’s responsibilty.

History shows that John Smit has simply not delivered.

Political Interference: The Springboks are still expected if not required to give black players & administrators free rides. Alastair Coetzee (who coached EP for god’s sakes) is just one example of someone that probably would not have been involved if this were not the case.

At the time of writing it feels like this year is going to have a long Tri-Nations. Stranger things have happened though. I will never forget one year the Sharks beat the Bulls 57-15. Everyone thought that was the Bulls’ season over. Naas Botha had other ideas though. The Bulls destroyed the Sharks in 63-6 in the return game and, if memory serves, they went on to win the Currie-Cup that year. But then again you don’t find a Naas Botha under every tree!

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