Born and raised amid the breathtaking scenery of South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, my roots are firmly embedded in the vast landscapes and diverse cultures that characterize this unique corner of the globe. Having completed my school and university education, I set out on a new adventure, relocating to the vibrant hub of London in the United Kingdom. My career took a turn towards financial services, specifically software development, providing a fusion of technological intrigue and business acumen.

It was in this cosmopolitan city that my path crossed with Lene. Our relationship blossomed, leading to a cherished union, cemented with the words, “I do.”

The year 2006 brought about a notable change in our lives as we decided to return to our native Eastern Cape. Along with embracing the familiar landscapes and communities, we embarked on a new venture: establishing a local farm stall and a restaurant that served as a cornerstone of the community. Simultaneously, I consulted for some of South Africa’s most prominent companies, leveraging my technical expertise and business insights. The canvas of our life further flourished with the addition of two wonderful girls, Elke, born in 2006, and Cara, welcomed into our family in 2009.

In 2013, I expanded my professional horizons by joining a US-based pharmaceutical software company. This remote opportunity paved the way for yet another relocation in early 2015, this time taking us to the suburban tranquility of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Naturally, being in Eagles territory, we quickly adopted the local enthusiasm for the team and joined the rallying cry of “Go Birds!”

My career journey has remained firmly planted in the software and technology sector, but with a shift towards executive roles. As of this writing, I am a technology executive at a multinational healthcare tech company, where I continue to utilize my passion for technology to drive innovation and change.

My personal interests have also evolved over the years, encompassing not only technology and software but also photography, capturing the world’s beauty through a different lens. Despite these varying interests, a constant in my life has been my unquenchable love for the African wilderness. The deserts, plains, and bushveld of Africa hold an unparalleled allure – an experience I believe everyone should indulge in at least once. There’s simply nothing quite like it!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings,
    Are you related to Phoebe Rhoda Heunis – we need to follow up some inconsistencies in her biography. They lived for a while in Elgin where the husband was the manager of a fruit farm, according to some info I have. They lived in Rustenburg for many years. Thanks for whatever tip you can give me.

    1. I am yes. I have sent you an email. Thanks for contacting me!

  2. I have an oil painting dated 1967, done by his young female artist. My all time favourite.

  3. Ek het Phoebe Heunis in die sewentigerjare in Tulbagh op my Tannie Dimsie Krone Heunis-hulle se plaas Waveren ontmoet. Sedert die tagtigerjare doen ek navorsing oor die Heunisfamilie. Ek sal dus graag kontak wil maak. Groete, Gert Heunis (gertheunis@gmail.com)

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