South Africa contributes to Rugby at a fundamental level

Stellenbosch students in association with the IRB are looking at changing rugby to be more of a spectacle. Read more here.

I suspect this is to help Rugby Union in the constant battle for TV ratings.

I’m all for it.

One thought on “South Africa contributes to Rugby at a fundamental level

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  1. Thanks Attie, very interesting. I’m all for rugby being allowed to ‘evolve’, especially if it results in a simpler and more entertaining version thereof. The change in defensive kicking from the ’22’ will probably result in much more running rugby instead of the boring kicking contests that sometimes erupt mid-game. The idea of an open 5m x2 midfield area during scrums reminds me of the rules in force when I played rugby at school level. It once again made for much more (straight) running rugby. I’m looking forward to some of the proposed changes hopefully coming on-line soon.

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