Spare a thought for Charl Langeveldt

Charl Langeveldt is another victim of South Africa’s disastrous sports Transformation policy. Strangely though, Charl Langeveldt is a player “of colour” and as such supposed to benefit from “Transformation”.

As readers may know André Nel was very publicly dropped from South Africa’s cricket tour to India in favour of Charl Langeveldt. The reason for Nel’s axing was purely political: Nel is white. South Africa’s politicians and their nepotistic mates, the sports administrators, are determined to enforce racial quotas in South African sports and they insist on sending a set number of non-white players regardless of merit. Obviously at the expense of white players. This obviously flies in the face of the spirit of Sport and it clearly reminds one of something that occurred in South-Africa until 1994, namely Apartheid.

Rightly there was outrage in South-Africa with everybody taking Nel’s side. I also take Nel’s side, but I really sympathise with Charl Langeveldt. He has been put in a terrible situation by Cricket SA. To his extraordinary credit he has come out very strongly against what has happened. Like he says; he is not a bad player at all – in fact he is very good at ODIs, but he is not as good as Nel. And he doesn’t want to be included in a side because of his colour.

I honestly salute you, Charl Langeveldt. Principled people like you (and Breyten Paulse – who did the same some years ago) aren’t found under every tree. Borrowed from an Afrikaans saying.

UPDATE: Now Monde Zondeki has been selected to replace André Nel/Charl Langeveldt. Lets hope he is as principled as Charl Langeveldt. Any betts?

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