I can’t stand Wacko Jacko, BUT…

…the verdict on his alleged child mollestation is the right one.

There is this very worrying trend lately that any sort of affection or kindness, be it physical or not, towards children is somehow sexually intended. I am sick of this. Even more than I am of Wacko Jacko.

I must say, I didn’t think the US public had in them. I remember one District Attorney saying that his son had never seen his penis. And if any child had seen an older person’s penis, even if it is your dad, that something dodgy is going on. What the FUCK?!? This is a US District Attorney talking. With this kind of bullshit coming from a supposedly legal mind, I was expecting them to string Jackson up by his testicles. We all know how carried away the US public can get.

Thankfully the Jury made the right decision.

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  1. The USA has a very different view on intimacy in general. This might be due to the fact that sex is probably the biggest promotion tool in the USA. If you want to sell something, include some sexual content, and it’s sold! Case and point:
    – Babewatch (Baywatch) is seen in 148 countries worldwide.
    – The average 18 year-old15,000 hours watching television, with about 66% of prime time shows contain some sexual content, not taking into account the advertisements.
    Now if you look at the election results over the past two elections, you will notice that the Conservative Christians in the USA have a pretty large representation. Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition of America and 700 Club was one of the forces behind Bill Clinton’s Impeachment process after the Lewinski scandal. Him and other religious leaders in the US also went after the “Boob Slip Wardrobe Malfunction” during the NFL Superbowl last year. “She had a pasty on, no nipple was visible”.
    Slowly but surely, the USA is losing rights to privacy, freedom of speech and other democratic rights, and the current President is not putting any judges in power to fight for these rights. I don’t see any change in the foreseeable future, unless a Democrat gets into the White House next.

    My point, with sex being associated with any kind of intimacy or affection, grouos like Pat Roberts and other lobbyists will continue to go after high profile cases to make a statement.

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