Review: Wild Safari 3D: A South African Adventure (IMAX)

Tonight 2 work colleagues and I watched Wild Safari 3D: A South African Adventure at the BFI Imax cinema in Waterloo.

I was looking forward to this; partly because the subject matter is quite close to home. I was also very impressed with my previous African Imax Experience, Africa: The Serengeti, which I also at the same cinema.

Regrettably though this movie falls miserably flat. Apart from some good 3d effects, specifically the boat sequence, there is not much to take away from this movie. The story is very feeble and the footage is nothing spectacular. It feels like amateurs made the movie. It came as no surprise that John “Tigers in Africa” Varty was a wildlife consultant on this movie. My dog undeerstands more about the real wilderness than John Varty!

All in all a disappointment. I give it 2.5 stars.

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