More of this needed

I love this story of Pro Hunter being killed by an African Buffalo. B-utiful! These morons always carry on about how manly hunting is – even though they kill these often drugged animals with high powered guns.

It seems that once in a while mother nature returns the favour.

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  1. Can you post a link?
    I had a friend in SA who’s father owned the original “Bosveld Hotel” game farm. His father never admitted to it, but it was a known fact that traps would be used to catch all kinds of animals, from Lions, Rhinos to Springboks. The “hunters”, 99% from Europe, USA or Asia would then “pose” with the deal animal after it was taken out of the cage and shot. This lowered the cost of shooting an animal drastically.
    An interesting article on the increase in hunting can be found here.

  2. Here we are. A hypocrite that loves the death of a fellow human being. How disgusting.

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