Welcome to the Rule of Law, South Africa

Today, I am proud to be part of the Rainbow Nation! The sacking of Zuma, by Thabo Mbeki, is a massive massive boost for my faith in the future of South Africa.

Obviously the fact that Zuma got into this position in the first place is horrendous, but this wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened. What is important is that Mbeki made the right, albeit difficult, decision to sack Jacob Zuma. Now we’ve got something we can work with. I never thought I’d say this but, today I applaud Thabo Mbeki. Even the DA, the opposition, agreed that he took a courageous decision.

Hopefully this will signal to the world that South Africa is a country that is serious about the Law.

Well done, Mr Mbeki. Well done!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Rule of Law, South Africa

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  1. YAttie: You came up on a Yahoo search for ‘rule of law’. The search engine likes you – congrats! Haven’t got time to look further today so here goes with a stupid question: what did Zuma (fail to) do that justified his firing?

  2. Jacob Zuma is thought to have been involved in fraud together with his accountant Shabir Schaik. Shaik has already been found guilty. Zuma is to stand trial.

    Although he has not done anything wrong yet – innocent until proven guilty and all that, Mbeki’s actions suggest he will not tolerate corruption, the bane of so many African countries.

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