The LOUDEST thunder I’ve ever heard

After midnight on Saturday I awoke to the loudest thunder clap I have ever heard. I honestly don’t get scared by natural events, but my breath was literally taken away by this strike. I thought it must have struck one of the trees in the property – it sounded so close, but the next day we heard people from area also commenting on the thunder.

Thunder is sonic shock waves caused by the rapid heating and expansion of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning. The bolt changes the air into plasma and it instantly explodes, causing the sound known as a thunder clap.

To read more check out the Wikipedia on Thunder.

One thought on “The LOUDEST thunder I’ve ever heard

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  1. Vanoggend (Woensdagoggend) 2h00 het Mathilda (die Airedale Terrier) baie onrustig begin rondloop in ons slaapkamer en wou nie tot ruste kom nie. Skaars ‘n halfuur later breek daar ‘n massiewe donderstorm los, heeltemal sonder waarskuwing. Weet honde dit gaan gebeur?

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