Adorable Elke

Elke has grown considerably, both mentally & physically, in the last 2/3 weeks.

She allready has the strength (but not the balance) to stand for up to 5 minutes. She can also focus on something for much longer periods than before. And her hand-eye coordination improves daily. She loves plants (specifically brightly coloured flowers) and going on walks. And her latest – and very cute – trick is to talk to herself. Sometimes she shrieks (of joy?) and other times she just gurgles.

It is a joy to watch her grow into something intelligent. Almost everyday I am surprised at what she has learned.

It sounds like I’m doting. Uuuugh!

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  1. Hi julle – Baie welkom aan Elke en geluk aan Ma en Pa. Ons mis julle potgooi. Wanneer is julle terug? Markus en Liesel

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