Another ANC politician above the law

Yet another top-level ANC politician escaped justice & punishment when Magistrate Ricardo Phillips found Tony Yengeni, former whip of the ANC, not guilty of Drunken Driving. The horrifying thing is that the Magistrate said that the case was unlawful because the arresting officers were ordered by the then commander at the Goodwood police station, senior superintendent Siphiwo Hewana, to “orchestrate an advantage favourable to the accused”. In other words they gave him an advantage and in so doing made his arrest unlawful!! Can you believe such utter nonsense.

Yengeni is not the 1st high-profile ANC member to get off on a technicality – Jacob Zuma also had similar “luck” in his fraud case. It is such an occurring theme that I really don’t trust the police, the NPA or the Magistrates & Judges anymore. Basically the message to the general public is if you’re an high-ranking ANC member or government official you can drive around pissed and steal money from your people without fear. I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Nkola Motata also comes off scot-free. And then these bastards can’t figure out why crime is out-of-control in this country.

To their credit the DA have said that they are going to take action against the alleged crooked cops, BUT this should’ve been done by the Police & the NPA themselves.

I am utterly disappointed with the legal system in this country – right now it is a joke.

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  1. hey – just stumbled across this blog via your Flickr postings. Didn’t know you did this, and for so long – it’s really cool!

    Interesting read and images (obviously). I’ll be visiting often, I think!

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