Opel Meriva 1.7CDTi Engine Trouble

I bought a Meriva 1.7CDTi last year in September. Both my wife and I love this car, BUT it has an unexplained engine problem. It will sometimes randomly just not start. Then usually when you leave the car for a couple of hours it starts no problem. The intermittency makes it very difficult to find out what is wrong with an otherwise great car. I don’t know much about cars, but I think it has something to do with the Diesel Injection.

My dealership, Kenrich Delta in Grahamstown, aren’t able to fix it. They said they fixed it and it was fine for almost 6 months but now the problem has inexplicably creeped back. If anyone has any thoughts/advice on this PLEASE leave a comment.

UPDATE: GM could never tell me what was wrong with the car, but they said they don’t have this issue anywhere else. Judging by the number of hits I get on this post I’m not sure that is true. To their credit GM settled. I am now driving an Opel Astra 1.8 Sport which is an amazing vehicle, but not as family friendly as the Meriva. If anyone has the same problem I suggest phoning Garry Botha of Kenrich Delta in Grahamstown. His number is 046 622 7312; he might be able to assist.

Update: Judging by the insane number of hits I get on this page I would guess that there is a real problem with these engines.

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  1. Hi Attie,

    Sell it – rather go for VW or Toyota. I think they are more reliable vehicles.


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