London Heatwave: some perspective

Man was it hot today! The thermometer went all the way up to 36.3¦C. This is the hottest day in the UK for July since records have been kept. The hottest that it has ever been in the UK is a whopping 38.5¦C. That was recorded three years ago in August 2003.

As a South-African people were asking me whether I like this heat, but I can assure you I was boiling. This did however get me wondering what South-Africa’s hottest day ever was. It is an unbelievable 51.7¦C!! It was recorded near Upington in 1948.

The hottest temperature recorded on the planet was 58¦C in El Azizia, Libya. This was recorded in 1922. Just imagine that.

The hottest temperature I’ve personally ever encountered was 43¦C at Vioolsdrif on the border of South-Africa and Namibia.

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  1. I experienced 42.5 degrees in Luxor, Egpyt whilst on honeymoon; the sanctity of an air-conditioned hotel which doesn’t always come as standard in Egypt) was very welcome !

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