Bravo Barney Mthombothi!

Thanks to David Fisher for pointing me to this brilliant article by Barney Mthombothi.

I urge all South-Africans – in or out of the country – to read this. You have to make your own judgements on this, but I found it encouraging. To hear Barney Mthombothi, a black author, uttering these words makes me feel less isolated in my own country.

David Fisher from Wozafriday also blogged about this here.

3 thoughts on “Bravo Barney Mthombothi!

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  1. He has a fantastic no-nonsense, staight talking approach – I wish it would rub off on the politicians.
    You should check out this guy’s credentials – he is not just your average newsman. Barney for President – or even better, let’s clone him!

  2. I have to agree. He is a little sunshine in a pretty dark political arena.
    I did not look at his credentials, and wonder if was educated outside SA? He is definately not alone and I am sure he’s got support from the Black, White and other comunities in SA.

    Good link Attie – I Would have missed it if you did not post it.

  3. I like Barney as well. Only if some of his articles were accessible to a lot of SA’s…
    A lot of his articles seem to be responding to what I would like to hear.

    Big up Barney Mthombothi you are the man

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