Have passport; will travel.

Attie Heunis goes British!
Attie Heunis goes British!

I’m aware that readers of this blog might be sick & tired of posts about me Britishness.

So thankfully for them this will be the last blog about my British Citizenship/Passport, but I just had to close the subject by providing some photographic proof of my passport.

Now I can’t wait to flash my passport at Immigration and then saying something with a really thick Afrikaans accent. I know it is small-minded, but that is what 6 years of persecution does.

I am just kidding, of course!

4 thoughts on “Have passport; will travel.

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  1. Hanskakie!

    Ja, ek’s lekker jaloers, maar hopelik werk myne ook uit binne die volgende 2 maande.

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