The best wildlife documentary(ies) …ever

Whilst waiting at Johannesburg International Airport I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw they were selling the Emmy-award winning Eternal Enemies, by South-Africans Dereck and Beverly Joubert.

I trawled the ‘net unsuccesfully for this DVD for 2 years, so I was absolutely delighted and instantly bought it.

This is my best wildlife documentary of all time. It is about the constant battle between lions and hyenas. There are several parts that still gives me gooseflesh. Most famous is the “Christmas shot” of a male lion… shall we say “taking control”, but the whole documentary is brilliant. The narrator, Powers Boothe, also lets you feel the raw beauty of Africa.

I also found out that the Jouberts made a follow up called Ultimate Enemies, based on lions and elephants. They had this on sale as well and I obviously bought it. The footage in this film is unbelievable – there is no other way to describe this. If you told people from the African bush about this many would laugh in you face, yet the Jouberts captured it on film. A must see for anyone who is interested in African wildlife. The narrative script is slightly laboured at times though.

And right now, while googling the Jouberts I have found out that National Geographic in the US have just shown a 3rd “episode” called Relentless Enemies. This one is about lions and buffaloe. Thankfully, this time there is a proper site. Just the video preview gave me goose bumps! Dereck says that they have been working with lions for 25 years and they have never seen lions as big as this!

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see this one.

2 thoughts on “The best wildlife documentary(ies) …ever

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  1. Yup agree, I’ve seen them all and was lucky enough to find copies of all of them in the Melbourne state library!

  2. Yup agree, I’ve seen them all and was lucky enough to find copies of all of them in the Melbourne state library…truely inspirational!

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