The best personalised homepage on the ‘net?

I heard about ProtoPage from TWiT, my favourite techie podcast, and decided to have a look.

I must say I was very impressed. It almost exclusively uses AJAX and is therefore very slick. Google do something similar, but Protopage is miles ahead (for now).

You can setup pages to be private or public for instance. Check out my public home page at Attie’s Home.

I love reading blogs, but you have to admit that they are hard to keep track of. I know RSS readers do it for you, but as a consultant I work from many PCs so that doesn’t really work for me. This page takes care of that for me.

I am well impressed, but do check it out for yourselves at

One thought on “The best personalised homepage on the ‘net?

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  1. I would have to say –

    I created this site as a launch page for people looking for a fresh alternative from the ‘netvibes’ and ‘i-googles’ of the www. It features links to the top 3 sites of each web category (as judged by Alexa Internet stats) While it uses no login system or ‘personalisation’ as such, it loads in an instant and has a slick metalic design which looks sweet, especially with safari’s browser.

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