My home town (on Google Earth)

Boesmansriviermond on Google
Boesmansriviermond on Google

Thanks to Google Earth I can show you where I grew up and my parents still live. Click on the image and it will open the full sized version.You’ll see two rivers in the centre of the picture. Bushman’s River Mouth is the village to the left (West) of the Bushman’s River (the more Western river). The more Eastern river is the Kariega. The village in-between is Kenton-on-Sea. Where the English live 🙂

1 thought on “My home town (on Google Earth)

  1. Hi Attie – found your blog via the site and am impressed! Great to see you placing the Eastern Cape on the map. I’m a born Capetonian who has spent a few years in Port St Johns and also have an affinity for the Wild Coast. As a member of the trivago travel community I am also in the process of marketing South Africa and have written a travel guide to Cape Town Have a look when you get homesick, LOL(Ek geniet jou blogs terded – hou vol met die goeie werk en sterkte!)

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