Kalahari desert could double in size by 2100

Oxford Professor, David Thomas, is doing a study that claims that Global Warming might unleash “Sand Seas” in Africa; specifically Southern Africa.

The gist is that more drought and more wind will stop vegetation settling the dunes down and so the desert will expand.

Read more at this National Geographic post.

I still can’t wait for my Kalahari photo expidition in 6 weeks though. Expanding desert or no!

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  1. Hi, Attie, interesting NG article. I just saw your comment on my blog and I didn’t know when you posted it so I thought I’d pop over here.

    I hope you will return to your conservative roots and think of socialism “as ‘n vloekwoord” again.

    Maybe it works in Scandinavia because it’s nearly all middle-class white people. It does not work in the USA. In fact I just wrote a bit about that today.

    I lived in the UK, mostly London, for 8 years. It was okay but I don’t like what socialism does to people. I found the Brits to be very immature and silly people. They don’t have to worry about anything because the governement will take care of them.

    My son lives there still and he thinks like that and hates the USA.

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