All-time favorite “selfie”

I’ve been taking photos in one form or another for 30 years. I love wildlife photography, but accessibility to wild animals is obviously always a challenge and so most of my photos are of landscapes at wider angles. I’ve taken around 10 that I think are really top notch.

Photographing people though has never been my thing. I don’t think I’ very good and spontaneity is tricky nowadays. This image that I took today though is, in my opinion, one of my best of all time. I absolutely love it and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m in it! I love the light on the face, the eye peering out, the frame around the face and the blurred background.

The thing though is that very little of this image isn’t pure luck! It was only a selfie with my Android phone! No fancy lens or camera, no planning of light or location. Just a point and shoot right before I left the park to go home to send around on social media. But everything just clicked (pun intended) and it came out being one of my best.

Photography remains a mysterious mistress after all this time and it’s awesome!

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