Elke in hospital from Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

On Monday night Elke swallowed/inhaled some Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. She couldn’t breathe for a couple of seconds. We got a massive fright & rushed her to our GP. At the time we got there she had calmed down to such an extent that the doctor sent us home. But that night and the next day she struggled breathing.

This morning we took her to another GP who after examining her told us she needed to get to the hospital ASAP. It was a shock although I did suspect her condition was more serious that everyone first thought because I also have asthma and I recognised the symptoms. By the time we got to the hospital (which is a 120km away from where we live) she had started turning blue in the face because she couldn’t breathe properly.

The nurses immediately put her on Oxygen and Cortisone. She really looked bad (especially with all the tubes coming out of her nose/mouth) and she was so subdued; it really was heartbreaking. She has now had Oxygen for the whole day and her respitory function was at 97% when I left the hospital. Lene is spending the night with her.

The doctors don’t know how long she’ll be in for but I’m hoping she gets released by Friday. I just really hope that this doesn’t permanently damage her lungs.

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  1. Hey Guys –

    Hope Elke is home by the weekend! It is not nice to see your child in hospital.

    Elke get better soon!

    Michael and Clair

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