Review: Soul Eater

I loved the first 2 books (Wolf Brother & Spirit Walker) in The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so I was looking forward to the 3rd one – called Soul Eater. Unfortunately it didn’t really rise to my expectations. I can’t really put my finger on it, but the story felt a little thin. Also I loved the forest stuff in the first books – the author described everything so well you could feel it, but Soul Eater is set more in the icy world of the North. And I didn’t get the same atmosphere.

Having said all that, I will certainly read the next one!

Awesome Freebie: I don’t know how they managed to swing this, but they got Sir Ian McKellen to read Wolf Brother, the first book, and best of all you can listen to it for FREE! Just go to The Gaurdian’s Wolf Brother site and download. Good job Gaurdian!

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