Jeremy Clarkson goes too far

Generally speaking I like liked Jeremy Clarkson. I thought the furore when he destroyed a very old tree a couple of years ago was justified but I thought that maybe he just made a mistake. I couldn’t give a toss if he calls a car “gay”.

This week though he went too far. By ignoring the advice of their guide Clarkson and his crew literally tore up the Makgadikgadi salt pans. They say they “employed several environmental experts who advised us on where we could and couldn’t go”. We’ll it certainly doesn’t sound like it to me. Anyone from this region knows that you drive only where you find tracks. It is a fundamental that you learn it conservation 101 for heaven’s sake!!

I’m very disappointed in the Beeb’s reaction. On the one hand they promote heroes like Sir David Attenborough who fights for conservation but on the other hand they back Clarkson who destroys what needs to be conserved. I think this undoes some of the great work done by the BBC.

The best thing would be if someone literally beats Clarkson like a runaway slave – it seems that is all he understands. Given the opportunity I would oblige and he won’t call me a “pre-menstrual bird” afterwards.

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