Aussies have big kahunas

Most people would agree that Australians are an unpleasant bunch. They’re extraordinarily arrogant, they talk funny; they have questionable views on personal hygiene and they have an uncanny liking for sheep. As an example, Shane Warne is Australian. Many of my Australian friends also fit this profile. 🙂

But when it comes to environmental issues you have no choice but to admire them. Today Australian environmental protection officials rejected a $10billion mine to save 5 species of troglobite. Troglobites are tiny cave-dwelling creatures which resemble spiders. Against Big Business this takes some serious guts. Good on ya Aussies!

The BBC’s version of the story.

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  1. I agree, kudos to them. Australia is one of the few places where the “declare” queue at customs is longer than “nothing to declare”, simply because people do not want to take a chance with bringing in goods that can harm their environment. I had biltong once – had to hand that in. And had wood carvings from Fiji the other time – also had to hand that in. They are very serious about the things you bring into their country and rightly so.

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