Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Lené suggested this book to me. Her previous recommendation (Life of Pi) was outstanding so I had hopes for this one.

I was however disappointed. It just wasn’t a story I could get into. I know its good how the autistic boy figures things out etc. But to me there’s not enough of a story.

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  1. Attie… Attie… Attie… listen to your wife, she clearly has excellent taste! Lené knows better – always! OK, so you did try – I give you that. The book’s plot is intriguing, but -for me at least- that’s not why it’s so good. Rather, it’s the author’s ability to imagine the boy’s inner experience and thought processes that makes it so special. The way in which he experienced and analysed his parents’ break-up is classic. His analysis of the room content’s in his dad’s bedroom, including the Playboys, is classic. The diagrams and one or two amazing brain teasers is great. And so it goes on. I urge you to give it another try, if you still don’t get into it – so be it.

    Life of Pi… awesome. My favourite bit is where he runs from the Christian Church to the holy places of the other two faiths to thank the respective ‘gods’ for having met Christ. The ease with which he embraces all three faiths, contrasted against the unease of his friends from each faith with each other, is a very interesting element. The philosophy below the surface of a ‘simple’ story is impressive.

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