Dorset: the best town(s) in England

Bournemouth from the air

LenT spoiled me with a weekend away in Poole and Bournemouth in Dorset.

I am disappointed that we only discovered Dorset 1 month before we’re going home. This is now my favourite place in England. It beats the previous winner, Cornwall, by a long shot. There aren’t any waves to speak of, but the beaches are fantastic – almost as nice as in SA – and the water is lovely. The towns (I’m not sure where they stop/start) are the cleanest towns that I’ve been to in the UK. The people also look much more healthy than in London. We loved it so much, that if we didn’t go home in 4 weeks, we would have seriously looked at moving there.

The photo was taken from a hot-air balloon.

4 thoughts on “Dorset: the best town(s) in England

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  1. More pictures?

    I never knew there are beaches in England which actually have sand. I thought is’t all rocky with cold water.

    So where did you stay? Did you take the picture from the Balloon? Is that the main beach area on the picture?

  2. Bournemouth, and I must agree with you Attie, is one of the best places that we have been too as well.

    I worked down there for about 6 months, and enjoyed every minute of it. Did you take a walk along the beach to Poole ?, with all the little beach huts along the way…..

  3. Just moved to the UK from Ireland and working in Poole and bournemouth for the last month. The office does`nt have any windows, so that spoils the view.

  4. Lucky man Werner. For someone who grew up next to the ocean (Indian Ocean) it is superb.

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