German idiots kill their only wild bear

I am absolutely disgusted that the Bavarian authorities allowed Bruno the Bear to be shot. I have always thought that Germany was one of the more responsible nations when it came to environmental issues, but this has certainly brought down Germany in my estimation.

So many people were delighted about the first wild bear in Germany and what do they go and do? They go and kill it. I do not accept that a country this rich and efficient couldn’t take care of a brown bear. Official Anton Steixner claims the bear “had a lust for killing”. What an absolute f@#king idiot.

Bloodlust and incompetence ruled this decision. This is something one hasn’t associated with Germany for 60 years.

Shame on you, Germany.

ps: One good thing is that the rest of the world and the German public has expressed its absolute shock at what has happened. Only 21% of Germans supports the ridiculous killing.

One thought on “German idiots kill their only wild bear

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  1. Apparently the ‘hunter community’ were waiting for an excuse to shoot Bruno. No one was hurt by Bruno and there was no indication that he was dangeous – the only concern was that he was getting too used to humans. With such an attitude there will soon be no wildlife left to shoot – who are they going to aim at then?

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