Policemen make ultimate sacrifice

South-Africa’s biggest problem – crime – came to the fore in a brutal way today. 4 policemen & 8 suspected criminals were killed today in a bloody shootout in Jeppestown. The criminals were part of a 20 member gang that tried to hide out after holding up a Pick-and-Pay. The gang was suspected to have carried out many similar armed robberies. Read more on this story here.

I am really saddened by the policemen’s deaths. These people earn very little money, but they have an extremely dangerous job. And yet their loyalty is without question. These are absolute heroes.

I am shocked and very concerned by the lack of support for the police by the government. They have been warned by police and opposition about crime spiraling out of control for some time now, but in South-Africa any sort of inquiry remotely seen as criticism gets a standard denial and inevitably get smeared as racist. I have nothing but contempt for the likes of Safety and Security minister, Charles Nqakula. Ultimately he and his government must take some of the blame for today’s murders. Not 3 weeks ago he said, in parliament, that those who “moaned” about crime should “leave the country”. I wonder what Charles Nqakula will say to the families of the murdered policemen tonight. I don’t think he should say anything; I think he should rather just resign. South-Africa will be better for it.

As far as the criminals are concerned: provided they are guilty I am glad they have been killed. I know that might sound cold to some, but these people were certainly no better than any terrorists. They cared nothing for human life and they ambushed the police with an intent to murder them. I am also glad they weren’t caught because with SA’s justice system their punishment would not have fitted the crime.

Society must be rid of animals like these.

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