Pathetic Austria disgusts me : Schande Oesterreich!

My previous post was written as a response to the Muslim Cartoon issue, but lo and behold now this very issue has cropped up in Austria.

Today David Irving was JAILED for denying the Holocaust. So let me just get this straight: you can print some very offensive cartoons of Muhammed and everyone (me included) supports your right to Free Speech, but if you excercise that very same right to Free Speech against Jews you get put in jail. How does that work then?

This infuriates me beyond belief. What in god’s name makes the Jews so special? Every country and every nation in the world has done terrible things to people. The Jews themselves are persecuting the Palestinians; the Russains lost up to 40 million people in WWII; my own ancestors were persecuted by the English. my own nation persecuted black South-Africans; black Africans have been exploited, raped & murdered through slavery by Europe and the Arabs for hundreds of years. Why would denying any of these events get no reaction from the authorities and yet denying the Holocasut lands you in jail for 3 years.

This is an absolute outrage. The guy is an old harmless fool who said these things 20 years ago. Note, he said something. He didn’t do anything.

Shame on Austria! How dare they EVER preach about Freedom of Speech to Turkey.

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