England also bans public smoking, at last

English MPs did a brave and good thing yesterday by voting for a full ban on smoking in all public places. Subject to an expected acceptance by The House of Lords, it means that from 2007 if anyone is caught smoking in a public place they could be fined up to £2500-00.

Readers of this blog will know that I wholeheartedly support this kind of ban. To my mind it doesn’t at all diminish someone’s human rights. In fact it enforces them. The law doesn’t say that you cannot smoke; it only says you cannot smoke in public places where you might damage other people’s health.

“Public Places” includes bars, pubs, restaurants & clubs, but not streets & parks etc.

One thought on “England also bans public smoking, at last

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  1. This will work. I was going to run on the platform of equal rights for farters having a farting section in restaurants; one day when I am all grown up and run for public office. 🙂 Unfortunate (actually fortunately) for my political aspirations, they banned smoking in public places here in Florida a couple of years ago, and I can tell you. It is GREAT going into a bar / pub and be able to breath freely.

    I noticed when I went to South Africa how people are very oblivious to other peoples smoking, and I felt like an ass asking to move around in restaurants because someone was smoking next to us. The problem is, that my right to smokeless air is shadowed by people who smokes. ItÆs not like I can force clean air into a smokers face, but he/she can force smoke into mine.
    I also agree with you on the point that this definitely liberates someoneÆs civil rights, as it does not make it illegal, but just like public urination and spitting, it this just another law that keeps filthy habits close to those who enjoy them, and away from those who donÆt care for it.

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