Boks in Cardiff

On Saturday we went to Cardiff to see the Boks take on Six-Nations Champions Wales.

I’ve already posted The Millennium Stadium Experience on so be sure to read it, but I just wanted to add here that one of the things I wanted to try out was taking action photos of the players. Unfortunately that was a failure insofar as taking photos is concerned.

I do think that I learned some lessons. One is to have a decent tripod with a ball/joystick head. Another is to use shutter-priority. Especially in dark/misty conditions.

I subsequently bought a decent tripod with a ball/joystick head (at £199-00 from Camera World) and I have to say I’m extremely pleased with it. Of course sports photography has a lot in common with wildlife photography. So in that respect I’m glad I went through this 1st attempt, before my trip to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park in January.

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  1. Wonder if you saw the Sunday Times article this last Sunday. Roland is still not supported despite his tremendous sacrifice AND contribution to our country. He has now been kicked of the SA Olympic team because he does not have sufficient cash to get to SA to swim nationals. The reason – zero support from Swim SA, only one sponsor in South Africa AND the sponsor dropped him and left him with a R 40 000.00 to pay out of his own pocket. Why did he need the money? Well seems that Roland must pay (the largest part of the bill) to get to places like Aus to represent South African. I am absolutely disgusted, horrified and think that this deserves rolling national action. Don’t you?

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