Joze Gonzalez/Sony Bravia advert

bouncing balls
Sony Bravia advert

I don’t know how many people have seen the new Sony Bravia advert, but I think it is fantastic. See the Sony Bravia advert.

The music is one of the things that make it. The song is called Heartbeats and it is off the album Veneer by Joze Gonzalez. You can buy it from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Joze Gonzalez/Sony Bravia advert

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  1. I love it, I love it, I love it! It must have been great fun to clean up too. Oh yeah Attie – I wouldn’t mind one of those TV’s!

  2. This advert seems to have little to do with promoting the actual product; The Sony Bravia LCD television. However, the music, Hartbeats by Joze Gonzalez, a well known track, catches your attention right from the starts, drawing the viewers in and creating a level of interest in the advert. The mysteriousness of this advert intrigues the viewer as it is unclear what it is advertising, making them question the advert, leaving a lasting image in the viewers mind. With a mixture of the increasing amount of bouncing balls of various colours and catchy, yet relaxing song keeps the viewer focused. This advert is linked to advertising the Bravio television by colour; the amount of colour present in the display of bouncing balls, and the quality of the colour in the Bravia LCD television. This advert is successful because it’s an unusual display of art that sticks in the viewers mind, along with the well chosen soundtrack. As long as the advert stays in the viewers mind then it seems to be irrelevant if it has a great deal to do with the product it’s promoting.

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