Review: The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks

I’ve recently finished The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It carries some of the themes from His Dark Materials (some of the best books you’re likely to read) and The Matrix (the good one). If you enjoyed either of these, you’re likely to enjoy The Traveller.

Almost more interesting than the book is the author. John Twelve Hawks (his name, really) claims he “lives off the grid”. If you’ve read the book you’ll know excactly what that means, but I guess you can figure it out as well. If it is true I have to grant him some serious Kudos!

3 thoughts on “Review: The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks

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  1. Got the Audio Book from Audible today as per your recomendation. I will post my comments once I am done listing to it.

  2. Hey thanks for the tip! I’ll totally check it out once I’ve actually finished the books I have on the go now….

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