Oh deary me! Bulls go down.

The Blue Bulls today lost the Currie Cup final at their home ground, Loftus Versfeld. I am gutted and surprised – I don’t think anyone gave Vrystaat a hope in hell.

I’m a big Bulls fan, but today they deserved to lose. They did the only thing that would allow the Cheetahs to win – they let them get under their skin. The Bulls’ discipline was appalling. Rassie caught them out. I’m surprised Heyneke allowed this too happen.

The ref didn’t help things at all, but ultimately he was not to blame. Essentially it was down to their bad discipline. The fact that Wynand Olivier got injured early in the game was also a big blow to the Bulls.

I support Vrystaat (apart from Ollie – who I’m glad won’t get near a Bok jersey again) against most teams and I’m happy for them, Rassie and what they bring to rugby.

Back to the Bulls. I think it was Vince Lombardi who said that the only time you really lose is when you don’t learn from your mistakes. That is the one thing that the Bulls can take from today. We’ll have to see if they have in the Super 14 next year.

By the way: Don’t you love it when people who never talk to you all of a sudden find it in themselves to contact you when your team loses. Not their team wins, but your team loses. I’m not mentioning any names am I?

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