I’ve been Dellified!

Yesterday I received my brand new Dell.

Now I can spend the long winter nights on this god-forsaken island (England) admiring my awe-inspiring code on my new 20-inch monitor. This while the new fan purrs; softly and gently in the background. The fan will be cooling down a 3.6GHz Processor. I will also occasionally be disturbed by the sweet, comforting writing sounds of the new 500GB hard drive.

The whole idea of me and my Dell spending so much time together almost gets me misty-eyed!

Update: Its now 4 years later, a different continent (Africa) and a more modern OS (Vista Ultimate SP2) and me Dell Boy is still running as smooth as ever – touch wood! Dell has scored some serious points with me because of this machine.

One thought on “I’ve been Dellified!

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  1. Ah yeah, I know what you mean. I love Dells, for nothing else than being able to Buy a standard Hard Drive and Memory and stick it in there and it works. I’ve had to use Compaq / HP at work, and HATE it, with their proprietary crap and partitions for System restore. Being in IT, and knowing how to fix 99% of my own IT problems without calling support makes models like Dell and IBM just so much “better”. The fact is, if you open any of them, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, chances are you are going to find the same hardware inside, but it is the ease of use and other factors that has made Dell a great company with good products.

    Code on!

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