Review: Barry Hilton

Yesterday a friend offered me a ticket to go and see Barry Hilton.

Now historically I can’t stand South African stand ups. Eddie Ecksteen bored me to tears. Casper always takes things too far (although my wife literally finds him hysterical) and so it goes on. With this in mind, I wasn’t expecting too much from Barry Hilton. How wrong I was. He is fantastic. He has a very human angle and he is as sharp as a razor.

He made one or two jokes about periods and tampons which I don’t find funny at all, but other than that he was fantastic. It is exclusively for South Africans though. He told us a story about him smacking his kid on the ear in a packed tube station that had us “pissing in the isles”. He is great at showing the difference between cultures.

I would give him a 4/5. Definitely worth the effort to check him out. Check out the Barry Hilton website.

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  1. Hello dude how ya doing?
    Thanks for the review on Barry Hilton ,yes he is quite funny he has been aroiund for a while now aswell.
    Attie what has happen with the Podcast dudes??You can rave about the Springbok win , come dont give up on the podcasting keep it up.And so what if the inlaws are in town ….get the podcast online now!!

    Cheers dude….


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