HOW TO: Blog without fear

This is actually someat that I’ve thought about long and hard myself. I want this blog to be brutally honest and visible to the world. But I don’t want potential employers/clients to find it in case they might not agree with my views. My solution was to use my nickname for this blog and then I created another “working friendly” blog using my real name. I suppose only time will tell if this strategy works, but sofar Google is behaving in the way that I want.

This “private life – working life” issue has been in the spotlight recently with the spate of high-profile dismissals because employers didn’t like what employees had on their blogs. Google, Delta Airlines among others have dooced employees.

The term “doocing” was coined to describe being fired for one’s website content after a US web designer was fired for her site in 2002.

Thanks to the BBC for this.

Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued some guidelines for safe blogging to help bloggers stay out of trouble. The essence is to stay anonymous, but there is more to it than that, so I do reccomend reading the whole page.

See also the BBC’s article on Work bloggers offered guidelines.

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