Political correctness gone absolutely insane!

Has anybody seen this story on Rodney Marsh’s sacking? I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous. I HATE political correctness!!! The joke he told doesn’t offend anyone, but Beckham. Yes it is in bad taste, but so many jokes are. We as a society are dangerously heading down a path of no return.

It is the same thing with Prince Harry and his Nazi suite. How in heavens name is that meant to offend anyone? I think it is absolutely crazy! Some of my own ancestors were held in concentration camps by the Poms (in the Anglo-Boer war), but I have heard some jokes that are hilarious about those times.

I don’t get offended when somebody cracks a good Saffer joke, so why can I not make Jewish, Yankee, Muslim, Boer, Black, Aussie, Pommie, Fat or Sexist jokes?

This Political Correctness crap is a more serious threat to freedom of speech than we realise.

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