Racism in SA Sports

As a South-African I am ashamed to admit this, but racism is still rife in SA sports. The powers that be discriminate against players purely because on the colour of their skin. For the non-Saffers that read this blog, we have “quota” requirements in our sports. This essentially means that a set number of players have to be a certain colour.

“Quota” (in the SA Sports context at least) is a racist principle. You can argue as much as you like for equality and nation building etc (which I’m all for), but essentialy the quota player practice discriminates against players based on the colour of their skin. This would be unconstitunional or against the law in the UK, the US or most other 1st World countries AND, dare I say it, in South Africa as well.

Can you imagine the US Government telling the NY Yankees that there must be at least 4 non-Jewish whites in the team that takes the field?!?

Oh, I forgot to mention that this time it is the whites that are being discriminated against.

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