The Further decline of the American Empire

Israel’s stranglehold over the United States has this week taken another step with the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. What absolute tripe! I cannot believe that the US is falling for this crap. How can the US ever be seen as objective when it comes to Jewish concerns. I want to see the day when there is a Global Anti-Arabic Awareness Act or a Global Anti-German Awareness Act or a Global Anti-Boer Awareness Act. Bollocks!

I’m sooo sick of these groups. Don’t they realise that this kind of shit alienates them from other communities much more then it protects them?

One thought on “The Further decline of the American Empire

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  1. Akeel says,

    I second that emotion!!!

    However I would suggest that the Jews do have a right as we all do in being ‘protected’ and in terms of protection across the world they should fall in to one of the minority groups. So in the same way that there is an active movement towards employing say ethnic minorities in the UK, the Jews should be grouped in to this. If the Jews feel persecuted against then a strategic way to gain awareness is to align yourself with another recognised group that is being perscuted (say whites in Zimb., Asians in France) and rally of their support – creating an independant awareness office will as attie says alienate an already alienated society further from the rest!!!!

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