MySql is awesome!

I’ve just started using MySql on my Eastern Cape website and I’m so stoked with it. Just as quick as SQL Server (and up to 6 times faster than MS-Access), extremely scalable and it is free. Contrary to popular belief it also works really well with .NET. There are a couple of free admin tools out there, but sofar I’ve found Navicat (about £60) to be the business. With Stored Procedures being part of version 5, I wonder if I’ll ever go back to SQL Server.

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  1. MySql sometimes outperforms SQL Server 2000, but the differences are so small that it is negligible. Yahoo, Google, NASA etc use MySql. You can do almost anything with it. Replication is no problem. Scheduling is easy to do with Navicat as well.

    One big plus with Navicat is the Data Transfer stuff. You can copy entire dbs from one server to another very easily. It does the data as well, which I don’t think SQL Server does.

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