Finished my contract

I have just finished my contract with TMG. Great bunch of lads.

I’m ecstatic though because in 48-hours from now I’ll be “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.“. Actually I know exactly when I’ll be back again, but we ARE going for annual holiday to Sarafrica for 4 weeks. I can’t wait for the familiar Johannesburg heatwave to hit you in the face when you get out at Jan Smuts airport. Honestly it’s one of the best feelings ever.

This time though I want to be a bit more active. I’ve got £3,500 worth of digital camera equipment to help me stay active! Seriously though, I want to get a lot of high quality photos in the Eastern Cape. Hopefully (if we can arrange it) of some wildlife as well.

I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging over these 4 weeks, so to everybody who reads this: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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