China “buying up” Africa

Chinese Flag

I am deeply troubled by China’s commitment to spend $20bn on infrastructure and trade financing over the next three years as reported by the Financial Times.

I’ll be frank: I don’t trust China or any African leaders with $20bn. It is no secret that China are after Africa’s resources. This is quite clearly a play for those resources. At least China is not attacking African countries but their intentions are no more honourable.

African leaders from top to almost bottom (for now I will leave out Thabo Mbeki) are all for sale. Just look at the devastation that the oil industry has caused in Western Africa. There is more than just a hint of slavery. But it is not only the oil companies that are to blame. The African leaders and as such Africans themselves are responsible for their own fate (by the way slavery would never have worked if the African leaders weren’t in on the deal).

Africans MUST stop begging and start being held accountable. Individuals must take responsibility for electing their leaders, educating their children, looking after their environment etc. People like Bono try to do good, but they have no idea how wrong they are – they’re making it worse.

If Africans took responsibility for themselves they wouldn’t have to rely on compromising handouts. They wouldn’t be in a position where they have no bargaining power. I urge Africans to stop begging and be choosers.

As a nature lover China’s influence in Africa is deeply concerning.

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