The Heunis Family

I don’t know nearly enough about the Heunisses so I’m thinking of putting together a Heunis database. I figure that Heunis.NET will be a good place to host this as well.

All I know of the Heunis family tree from my sisters (Katinka Ladewig and Abbie Heunis) and I (Attie Heunis) up is: Rulan Heunis (my father), Attie Heunis (my grandfather) and I think Jan Heunis (my great-grandfather). That really (and shockingly) is about as much as I know.

Heunis isn’t such a well known name in South-Africa, but I think most of us are based in the Southern-Cape. As far as I know the first two South African Heunisses were two brothers that arrived from Holland and settled in the Southern Cape. The one was a builder and the other one worked in the forest.

I know my dad’s cousin, Hannes Potgieter, from Alexandria researched his family quite extensively. His mother was a Chrissie Heunis so we do feature quite prominently in his research. This sounds like a good place to start.

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