Cara word 5

Vandag het ons Cara se 5de verjaardag partytjie gevier. Ek moet sê dit voel partykeer vir my surrealisties as ek dink sy is al 5. Waar het die tyd heen gevlieg?

In ieder geval dit was ‘n lekker partytjie gewees. Al Cara se maatjies was daar en sy – in haar sneeuwitjie rokkie – het dit gate uitgeniet. Sy is mal oor vriende en kuier.

Cara in ons tuin

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Vandag was een van daai spectacular dae wat ‘n mens net weereens laat besef hoe gelukkig ons hier in Boesmans is. Lae 20s en baie min wind. As jy hier bly raak  jy maar gewoond aan die wind, maar as daar dan wel min wind is, dan is hierdie ‘n paradys. Ek het van die geleentheid gebruik te maak om ‘n paar fotos van Cara in ons tuin (wat nou ook baie mooi lyk) te neem. Hierdie is die bestes van die lot.

January/February Holiday

Lene, Elke & Cara
Lene, Elke & Cara at Knysna Heads

After another hectic season we eventually went on holiday for 8 days. We stayed at Dune Park resort between Keurboomstrand and Plettenberg Bay. It is a very nice spot and the duplex units (2 bedroom, double storey) are very attractive, neat and certainly big enough for a family of four, like ours. It is just a 5 minute drive from the beautiful Keurboomstrand and 10 minutes from Plettenberg Bay. We paid R650 per night for the whole unit which I felt was actually good value. It must be said that their occupancy while we were there seemed to be no more than 10%.

I swam at Keurboomstrand near the beach house of an old friend (an ex-boyfriend of my sister and his sister Caroline). We spent a summer there which was really unforgettable. I don’t know if the house still belongs to their family though.

We visited the Knysna heads again. It is always a special place, but I am disappointed that Knysna Municipality doesn’t keep it clean. Now and two years ago when we were last there the caves and path leading to the caves stinks of urine and worse. Considering what a spectacular and popular spot this is they really should control this better.

We stopped at the Wolf Sanctuary between Plett & Knysna. Elke wasn’t really that keen on the wolves, but I literately had to drag her away from the petting zoo. She loved the “skapies” and bunnies. In fact she loved the bunnies too much – some of them were definitely winded after being held by Elke. Adorable really. They had African Wild Dog there as well. I never realised how big the animals are. They are as big as a big German Shepard; I always had the impression they were the size of a Labrador or such.

We also visited the Plettenberg Bay several times. The highlight was probably Le Forniel Bakery & Coffee Shop right in the centre of town. It is not that well advertised or signed, but do look out for it; you will not be disappointed. Their croissants are legendary. They definitely gave us some ideas for The Red Apple.

Keurboomstrand is a stunning holiday town with amazing vistas and awesome swimming. We had pasta at Enrico’s, probably one of the best located restaurants in South Africa. Their catchphrase, which I love, is “If it were any closer [to the sea], you’d get wet.”!

The rest of our holiday we spent lazing about at Lene’s parents’ house on the Kromme River. This was probably the most uneventful part of the holiday, but we really did need it.

The holiday was good and necessary, but kids make things complicated. Elke was really difficult the whole trip, partly because she was sick and I think partly because she’s acting out against all the attention Cara is now getting. Inevitably one feels sorry for the elder child, but I guess it is part of life.

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