Bathurst Show 2008

Old John Deere
John Deere at the Bathurst Show

Yesterday was the last day of the 2008 Bathurst Show. This year the show was a 100 years old.

We took Elke (1½) and we met my father and my brother-in-law and his son, Gustav (2½), and his parents. The kids loved it! They “drove” some impressive equipment and checked the engines and kicked a tyre or two as well. They also enjoyed a tractor race featuring some real antique tractors (see photo above). There was a bull that got loose and started charging people (and us) but luckily the kids were totally unaware of this. There were lots of stalls so I was pleasantly surprised when Lené only bought 1 thing. 🙂

Elke really enjoyed it. You can always judge how much fun she has had by how long it takes her to fall asleep. This time she was fast asleep by the time we left the car park!!

See my Bathurst Show photos.

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