Where does the name “Attie Heunis” come from?

In both business and personal capacity, I often get asked about my name. People also often think it’s mistyped and should be Artie, which is not the case. 😊 In South Africa, Attie is a shortened version of Adam. Like Eddie is for Edward or Edmund. Or Willie is for William.

So where does it all come from? First, the European connection. The first Heunis came to South Africa as a deserter from the Dutch East India company in the 1600s, a view years after the Dutch first annexed the Cape. The Cape was seen as a vital refreshing point for sailors suffering from scurvy on the spice route between Europe and India. The Cape was known as The Fairest Cape and it’s still that – stunningly beautiful!

There are gaps in record, but at some point, a pair of Heunis brothers settled in the George / Knysna area in the Southern Cape and worked as woodworkers, foresters, and builders. Those were my ancestors. I’m not sure when the first Adam “Attie” Heunis was named so, but my grandfather, his grandfather and his grandfather were all Adam “Attie” Heunis. So, it’s a family name that goes back many years. Curiously though it seems to only apply to every second generation.

I only have daughters so unless my daughters keep their last names (who knows nowadays) I will sadly be the last Attie Heunis of my line.

Have passport; will travel.

Attie Heunis goes British!
Attie Heunis goes British!

I’m aware that readers of this blog might be sick & tired of posts about me Britishness.

So thankfully for them this will be the last blog about my British Citizenship/Passport, but I just had to close the subject by providing some photographic proof of my passport.

Now I can’t wait to flash my passport at Immigration and then saying something with a really thick Afrikaans accent. I know it is small-minded, but that is what 6 years of persecution does.

I am just kidding, of course!

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