J P Landman se optimisme is misplaas

The last couple of months I have been impressed with Afrikaans radio station Radio Sonder Grense. This morning they had a very topical discussion about the impact and costs of the FIFA World Cup now after it had finished. I was enjoying the discussion except for one of the panellist’s striking aversion to anything negative being said about the World Cup or indeed South Africa. I decided to take note of this person’s name. It all made complete sense when I found out it was the happy fool J P Landman who was rubbing of up the wrong way.

This fool with his over-used often misdirected quotations would make you believe that there really is nothing wrong with our young democracy. That corruption is under control and all is well. I don’t respect J P Landman. I think he is essentially an academic who doesn’t live in the real world. His utterances are always delivered with spectacular grandeur, but I don’t think he ever really says anything of consequence. What he does say is what in Afrikaans you would refer to as Soetkoek – a light sweet cake that makes you feel good in the short term, but is ultimately not healthy.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA with Android

This week I bought an Android powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini smart phone. A colleague of mine introduced me this beacon of technology so I had an idea of what to expect. But after now having used for a couple of days I have to admit that I’m completely bowled over!

Before using this phone I didn’t think that Google’s Android (or any other mobile OS for that matter) really came close to beating firstly Apple’s iPhone and secondly RIM’s Blackberry, but now I’m of a different opinion. Personally I already prefer Android to Blackberry. Yes they have been designed for slightly different audiences and both have their pros & cons, but the Android’s user interface is very good (because of the touch screen this can be almost completely driven by software).

Add to that the extensibility of Android (through its 70,000+ apps) and most importantly the cost and the Android becomes a more sensible option for me. Android is a hardware independent phone which means you can get the full power of Android on a relatively cheap phone – as is the case with the XPERIA mini.

I still think that right now the iPhone is the ultimate, but I just cannot justify the price. Although that being said I’m quite certain that the architecture of Android and the commitment of Google will see Android eventually catching and finally passing Apple certainly in terms of units running the OS.

(because of the touch screen this can be almost completely driven by infinitely programmable software)

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