Spud the Movie Trailer

I have just seen the trailer for John van der Ruit’s hilarious book, Spud and it looks promising.

Due for release in in November 2010, the movie tells the story of Spud, a boy going to school in the prestigious Natal private school, Michaelhouse. The book was a huge hit in South Africa and the UK, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that was to be made into a movie with screen icon John Cleese (as Spud’s favourite teacher) and newcomer South-African actresses Tanit Phoenix (as the sexy teacher) and Alex McGregor (as a girlfriend).

I am reading the book at present and I must say that I’ve had several involuntary fits of laughter, so I think it could be a great movie if they can successfully portray the South-African humour in the book. Inevitably some of the humour will be lost in translation to American and European audiences, but I think the English-speaking nations like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India will certainly “get it”.

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