Avoid BSmart!

I’ve been a reluctant customer with BSmart for over a year now. I am bound by a contract I signed with them, but my attorney says that hopefully I might be able to get out. If and when I do I will NEVER EVER do business with this highly unethical company again.

It was my own fault to an extent for not having read the contract as well as I should have, but I blame their salesmen. They use an aggressive sales technique by bullying customers into signing without the customer having the chance to read the contract. This practice is completely illegal in the UK and should be here as well. They are also dishonest when first engaging the customer by pretending to be Telkom engineers who claim to be able bring down your phone costs. The salesmen I dealt with promised me that you can cancel the contract and within 24hrs they collect the equipment. However when I tried this I was told that the contract is for 5 years!!! After having looked at the contract this does seem to be the case, but I took the word of the seemingly reputable salesman. My bad!

They are also very devious by having ABSA finance on the contract instead of them, I’m certain they did this knowing full well that their legal costs would be huge as everyone would be challenging them in court. Instead it is ABSA, with deep pockets, that you have to fight. I think ABSA are not entirely innocent in this matter either. I don’t think they are doing enough to enforce good business practice by BSmart.

The most recent problem relates to a faulty PABX unit (was damaged by lightning) that they say I have to pay for. This is yet another attempt at squeezing more money from an already paying customer. As I have a service agreement with them, surely they are responsible for the upkeep of THEIR equipment.

I urge anybody to save yourself a lot of trouble and money by avoiding BSmart at all costs. This is a dishonest unethical company that won’t hesitate to extract as much as they can without providing adequate service. This is certainly not just my ranting, take a look at BSmart on HelloPeter.com; you’ll see that they have no “happy” faces and 21 “unhappy” faces next to their name.

Another one of their salesmen came round to me office recently not knowing I was already an unwilling customer. Needless to say I forcibly removed him from my office.

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